LumaFusion is the only multitrack video editing app you will ever need on your mobile device.lumafusion

The number 1 app of its kind, LumaFusion provides users with a professional environment to tell stories with their videos, no matter where they are.

What is LumaFusion?

luma fusion

Luma Fusion is one of the best video editing apps for mobile devices. Used by professional filmmakers, journalists, and video producers and is a powerful way of telling stories. The app allows users to lay down 12 tracks – 6 audio and 6 video – and link them exactly how they want to get their story across. Launched in 2021, it didn’t take long for the app to be voted the best iPad app of the year, thanks largely to its support for a multi-touch environment and the ability to create compelling content using nothing more than touch.

LumaFusion Features:

LumaFusion offers tons of professional features for users to create their stories and share them wherever they want:

  • Lay down 6 audio and 6 video tracks, linking them to the story you want
  • Ability to link and unlink clips and insert or overwrite using the magnetic timeline
  • Create transitions or use presets
  • Add effects including lima and chroma keys, green screen, distort, colors, style, and more.
  • Use the integrated Lock and Load Stabilizer to stabilize your videos
  • Use keyframes to animate your videos
  • Create fast and slow-motion and reverse
  • Time-lapse video
  • Graphic E helps you fine-tune your audio
  • Make the perfect audio mix with panning, EQ, and keyframe audio levels
  • Add audio plugins
  • Create multilayer titles
  • Use shapes and images, adjust font, border, shadow, color, and face
  • Import custom fonts
  • Create as many projects as you want with different aspect ratios
  • Use Media from, WD Wireless, GNARBOX, and Photos
  • Edit media directly on a USB-C drive
  • Import media from SMB Network drives, cloud storage, and SanDisk iExpand
  • Choose from hundreds of free videos, backgrounds, sound fx and royalty-free music
  • Share your creations
  • Free support – in-app help and plenty of online tutorials
  • Many more features

LumaFusion is not free to download, costing $29.99. However, this gives you access to most features with the option of in-app purchases.

How to Download LumaFusion

To Download LumaFusion, simply tap a link below and download the app:

iOS App Download Link

Android APK Download

If you love creating videos and stories on your mobile device, LumaFusion is the best app you can use. A professional-standard app, it provides you with every feature you could possibly want, all included when you purchase the app. Try it on your device today, start creating award-winning stories, and share them where they make the most impact.

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