Viber is the only calling app you will ever need to use, allowing you to stay in touch with your friends and family wherever you are.viber app

Connecting more than a billion users worldwide, Viber offers an intuitive and user-friendly app that anyone can use with little fuss to call whomever they want, by video or voice call, or messaging.

What is Viber?

viber app

It is one of the most secure calling apps in the world, offering a fun messaging and calling service unrivaled by any other. You can call or message other Viber users for free, purchase a subscription plan, or add credit to call people who don’t use the service. This is all made possible by using VoIP, a technology that makes connecting with others simple. Part of the Rakuten group, Viber is the easiest VoIP service to use, with plenty of features to tempt users.

Viber Features:

Viber is a haven of cool features, offering something for everyone:

  • Audio and video calls – free between Viber users
  • Make group calls of up to 50 Viber users at a time
  • End-to-end Encryption provides secure and private communication – not even Viber knows what you talk about!
  • Group chat with up to 250 Viber members at a time.
  • Free messaging – send texts, GIFs, stickers, photos, video messages, and much more.
  • Use emojis to react to messages.
  • Disappearing messages – set timers for how long a recipient has to read a message before it disappears forever
  • Unlimited characters – use Viber Lenses to get creative and use more than 55000 stickers and GIFs or make your own
  • Connect with other like-minded people by joining communities and channels and interacting with unlimited people or start your own community.
  • Subscribe to Viber Out to make low-cost international calls*

And loads more features you can only get by installing Viber on your device today.

* Viber Out subscriptions allow you to call specific destinations and must be renewed monthly or weekly.

How to Download Viber:

Downloading Viber couldn’t be easier; simply choose a link below for your mobile operating system:

iOS App Download Link

Android APK Download

At one time, Skype was the go-to app for making VoIP calls; now, it’s Viber. Intuitive, user-friendly, and free to use for Viber users, it’s the number one VoIP app in the world. You can also add credit or take out a Viber Out subscription to call anyone, anywhere in the world; the lowest cost international calls of any app, and even cheaper than using your landline. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? Download Viber today and start talking.

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