If you want to try a Social Media site other than Facebook, have a look at VK.vk app

A Russian social media site, VK is currently the most popular one of its kind in Russia and is fast becoming popular in other countries.

What is VK?

vk app

Originally known as VKontakte, VK is a Russian-owned social media app used mainly by Russians; however, it is now starting to be used in other countries, attesting to its popularity. VK allows users to message each other in private or publicly. They can create events, public pages, and groups, share images, videos, and audio, and play games. Right now, it has well over half a billion users and is one of the most-visited websites in the entire world.

VK Features:

VK is full of features to make your social media experience top-notch:

  • Unlimited communication features
  • Share news and media with other users
  • Watch videos, listen to music, play games, go shopping, and more
  • Messenger chat allows you to chat with one person or create a group.
  • Chat publicly or privately with other VK users or import contacts from your device phone book
  • Unlimited people in any video calling group with no time limits
  • One of the biggest social media networks worldwide
  • Personalized recommendations help you find new music, videos, and friends
  • Watch VK clips and create your own
  • Play browser-based games alone or with others
  • Listen to or upload your own podcasts
  • Monitor your health and compete against friends to walk the most steps
  • Free

VK is free to download and use but does offer in-purchases, including voting packs and Music Unlimited, which costs $9.99 to purchase.

How to Download VK App:

If you want to try the largest social media network in Russia and see how it compares to others, download it onto your device:

iOS App Download Link

Android APK Download

Tap the link above that corresponds to your platform and tap the Download or Install button on the app page. Then follow the in-app instructions to set up your account and enjoy!

VK may appear similar to Facebook at first glance, but it allows you to build a more personal profile and connect with millions of users, be they old friends, family, or people who share your interests. Packed with features, it provides you with everything you need to enjoy social media at its best. Download VK onto your device today and see how it compares to Facebook, Reddit, and other popular social media sites. It might just become your number one choice.

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