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Our aim is to make sure your experience is enjoyable and trouble-free. We will pass on plenty of tips to help you use your Android device to its full potential while also keeping you fully up to date with all the latest news and developments.

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We also want to reassure you that if you experience any problems with a service or app that we recommend, we will help you resolve them.

Here’s how to contact us for help or ask any questions you may have:

  • Article Comments: All comments are monitored, and responses are made where appropriate.
  • Follow us on Facebook: You’ll see all the latest updates on our Facebook page as it gets published.
  • Email Us: Send us an email on tweaksupport[ @]proton [. ] me for asking questions, offering tips, and sending us any relevant information you might have.

Note: Be aware that our team is small. We are a few Android engineers, and we can be contacted between 9 am and 5 pm PDT. The above options can help you find answers to your questions; if you cannot find the answer you want, please email us to provide details of your problem.