Minecraft is a ton of fun, one of the most creative games in the world, and the chance to join one of the largest interactive games ever to be released.


Minecraft may have simple graphics, but its popularity continues to grow every single year.

What is Minecraft?

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Minecraft is one of the simplest games on earth. Made up of 3D blocks, the world really is your oyster as you set out to build it how you want it. Forests, caves, rivers, lakes, mines, and more are all there for you to explore for resources. Craft your own resources, make weapons, and armor, and build bigger and better buildings with fabulous features. Raise your own food, hunt and have fun but watch out for when the sun goes down – that’s when the fight truly begins as the monsters slink out of their lairs and attack. It’s not just survival though, it’s an adventure, and it is the most fun you will ever have with such a simple game.

How to Download Minecraft:

iOS App Download Link

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Minecraft is full of fun, and you will have to pay for that fun; just choose the app store you want and download it:

Minecraft PE vs. Minecraft PC:

Minecraft, like many games, can be played on multiple platforms but are there any real differences between the PC and the PE versions? Yes, but not many. First off, it’s worth mentioning that when you play multiplayer on Minecraft, you are not limited to those on your own platform. If you play the iOS game, you can join payers from all the other mobile and desktop versions, all in one big happy family.

Now to the differences – there are only two main ones. First up, integration. Although the PE version does have in-app purchases for new skins, resources, and other useful stuff, what it doesn’t offer is the ability to connect to a third-party server nor does it allow you to use external modifications – the PV version does.

The second is all about security and the younger players. The PE version has parental controls that far outstrip those on the desktop game, giving parents the chance to ensure their children have an enjoyable and safe experience. And, again on the PE version, multiplayer gaming is only possible by invitation – you can’t just join any game you want.

Those are the differences – will they affect whether you go for mobile or desktop? Only you can decide that.

Mine Craft Features:

Minecraft gives all players of all ages, a set of rich features to play with:

  • Choose your game mode – Adventure, Creative, Survival
  • Choose how interactively you play the game
  • Find everything you need to play in your surroundings
  • Chop forests, dig caves and mines, swim the waters to find your resources
  • Build as many different buildings as you want
  • Create your own tools
  • Build armor and weapons
  • Fight for your life against the many monsters that appear when the sun drops
  • Plenty more features

Download Minecraft and join the most exciting game ever to hit the market; get more cool tips by following us on Facebook.

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