Bloons TD

Are you looking for a game with a difference? Bloons TD is one of the most fun tower defense games; very challenging and highly addictive.bloons td

What is Bloons TD?

Bloons TD is one of the top-rated tower defense games in the world, giving you an addictive and challenging ED game that you can play for hours on end. Use a combination of towers, Heroes, upgrades, and abilities to build up your defense and then pop those Bloons – every last one of them.

How to Download Bloons TD:

Download  on  iPhone

Download on Android

You are in for an addictive time, and you might just might be tempted to hit the Purchase button to get special effects and features. If you don’t want to do that or you share your device with others, open your Settings app, and tap on Screen Time. Then tap on Content & Privacy and disable in-purchases.

Bloons TD Game Features:

  • Build your defense and pop those Bloons
  • 3D gaming with great graphics
  • Hours of challenging gameplay
  • Fabulous monkey animations and skins
  • 37 different maps
  • 21 monkey towers
  • 3 different upgrade paths on each tower
  • Tier 5 upgrades – so powerful that they can only belong to one monkey
  • Place one of 8 unique monkeys in each game, each with 20 upgrades
  • Each Hero has two Bloon-shredding capabilities
  • Craft your own strategy around each hero
  • Customize gameplay with skins and voiceovers
  • More than 100 meta-upgrades
  • Play anywhere you want – single-player works offline
  • New Bloons are added regularly
  • Each game difficulty gets new game modes
  • iPhone X widescreen mode supported

Bloons TD is one of the most action-packed tower defense games ever released and while it isn’t free, it does offer you an excellent game for your money. Download it onto your iPhone or iPad today and get popping and shredding those Bloons.

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