Frozen City

Frozen City is, quite literally, one of the most incredible games you can play on your tablet or smartphone.frozen city

Free to play, Frozen City is a popular simulation game set in a frozen apocalypse, offering hours of fun and excitement.

What is Frozen City?

frozen city

A building simulation game, Frozen City is a post-apocalyptic game set in ice and snow. You play the part of the chief of the only surviving town, and it’s down to you to rebuild your town. It’s a single-player game of strategy developed by GM5 Studio and published by Century Games in 2022, where you rebuild, directing the survivors to find resources and go to work in the newly built facilities. It sounds simple, but it’s an involved game that needs you to keep your wits about you to keep your people alive and your town thriving.

Frozen City Features:

Frozen City provides players with plenty of features to enjoy:

  • Survivor simulation – survivors are the main game characters and the most important, as they keep everything running smoothly. Ask them to find resources and use them to build and expand but keep a keen eye on them – if they get hungry or too cold, they may fall ill, or they may rise up in protest against you if their working or living conditions are not right.
  • Explore your surroundings – your town is surrounded by the frozen wilds, so pull exploratory teams together to find resources and learn the real story behind the apocalypse.
  • Build your town
  • Process materials into goods you can use and learn to improve the town
  • Assign the survivors with specific roles but don’t let them fall ill
  • Grow your survivor group and build more settlements to attract other survivors
  • Recruit Army or Gang heroes to help your town grow and run smoothly
  • Many more features

How to Download Frozen City:

If a challenging simulation game sounds like just what you are looking for, go ahead and download Frozen City today using the links below:

iOS Game Download Link

Android APK Downloader

A new release, Frozen City is an exciting game that has already proven popular. With more than 5 million downloads already, it’s clear that all the hype surrounding the game is real; it really does live up to expectations. Download Frozen City onto your device today, and experience one of the most challenging, intuitive, and exciting games ever released, and be prepared to truly invest yourself in saving your town and its survivors.

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