Hungry Dragon

Everyone loves to play a game on their tablet or smartphone. The Arcade-style games have proven the most popular among mobile gamers. A 3D arcade game doing the rounds of the Android store now is called Hungry Dragon.

hungry dragon

What is Hungry Dragon?

hungry dragon game

Remember Hungry Shark? Well, this is the same but with a dragon. The idea is to eat everything and anything that moves in the gameplay area and get the highest score. Beware though; there are some big enemies lurking. Game control is easy; movement controls are on the right of your screen and on the left control to help you fly fast – useful when you need to evade the enemy. You begin with a single dragon but can unlock more as you progress; bigger and better dragons that help you unlock new areas. With great visuals and loads of content to unlock, Hungry Dragons is an addictive game.

Game Features:

Hungry Dragon offers users of all ages some cool features:

  • Free to download – in-app purchases
  • Easy game to play
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Simple on-screen game controls
  • Ability to unlock bigger and better dragons as you progress
  • Lots of enemies to fight off
  • Unlock new areas
  • Great graphics
  • Highly addictive
  • Loads more features

How to Download Hungry Dragons:

Downloading Hungry Dragon is as simple as heading to the official Play Store, finding the app and downloading it for free:

Android APK Downloader

iOS Game Download Link

The app does contain in-app purchases so if younger members of your family are playing it and you don’t want them to make those purchases disable in-app purchases on your device. It’s easy enough to do:

Disable In-App Purchases:

  • Go into Android Settings and look for the User Controls option
  • Tap on it and then tap on Set/Change Pin/Password option
  • Input a Pin or Password – later Android versions request a password
  • Back in User Controls, tap the option to Use Pin/Password for purchases

Now, when anyone attempts to make an in-app purchase, they will need that to do it. An even safer way is to use your fingerprint on the latest devices.

Hungry Dragon may be a simple game but you will find yourself addicted to it within a short time. Don’t forget to stop in-app purchases if you don’t want any credit card shocks and follow us on Facebook for more cool app recommendations.

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