If you are looking for a different kind of music streaming app, you want Resso.resso

A standalone app, Resso offers users a unique way of streaming music onto their devices in an app that can easily be integrated with TikTok.

What is Resso?


Developed by ByteDance, Resso is TikTok’s sister app. Anyone who has ever used TokTok will know of its strong links to music, but Resso makes those links even better. A combination of a streaming app and social media app, Resso, music begins playing as soon as you launch the app and you are encouraged to share full-length tracks lyrics, comments, and more. It is a relatively new app currently unavailable everywhere, but it is expected to be rolled out quickly.

Resso Music Features:

Resso is packed with cool features that make it fun to use:

  • Social Interaction: Interact with other users in multiple ways. Use 7-second long GIFs or videos to express your favorites, comment on other people’s music choices, or share playlists.
  • TikTok Integration: Simply tap a button to integrate TikTok with Resso and navigate between both apps
  • Sing Along: each track displays full lyrics, allowing you to sing along as loud as you like.
  • Infinite Discovery: Unlimited scrolling allows you to discover new music and videos
  • Lyric Upload: upload your own lyrics onto LyricFind, and Resso will pull them into the app
  • Free: ad-supported, or subscribe to Premium for $1.35 per month on Android and $1.62 for iOS
  • Personalized Playlists: create your own playlists and share them with others
  • Recommendations: Resso will create recommendations for you based on your musical mood

How to Download Resso:

Resso is simple to download onto your Android or iOS device. Tap the link below that matches your operating system and tap the Install or Download Button to get it onto your device:

iOS App Download Link

Android APK Download

If music is your thing, but you want something a little different on your device, try Resso. It doesn’t just offer music on tap; it offers you a social media type of vibe where you can connect with other users, enjoy their musical tastes, share your own, and comment on each other’s choices. Discover new music, sing along to your favorite tracks, and much more. It is free to use, but if the ads and the slower streaming speed are too much for you, simply sign up for a premium subscription and enjoy everything with no limits or interruptions.

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