FR Legends

FR Legends is a driving game with a difference.FR Legends

FR Legends provides hours of fun and entertainment focused on drifting rather than straightforward racing.

What is FR Legends?

FR Legends

Released in 2018 by Feng Li, FR Legends is not your standard racing game. Instead, you drift your car around a course, racing other drifters while avoiding the obstacles that get in your way. The app focuses more on the cars and the customizations you can do, allowing you to race AI drivers in tandem around iconic real courses. Scoring is based on the judging rules for real-world competitions.

FR Legends Features:

FR Legends is a unique app, free to download, and with plenty of fun features:

  • Choose your favorite car, get behind the wheel, and enter drifting heaven
  • Tons of customization options, from wide-body kits to full engine overhauls
  • Make money by winning races and take your car to the ultimate level
  • Drift around real-world racing courses against AI drivers, avoiding all manner of obstacles along the way
  • 3D graphics, making the game seem even more realistic
  • Change the camera perspective and race from different angles
  • Simple, intuitive controls; simply tap the right side of the screen to accelerate, the left to brake and turn, and change gears before pulling on the handbrake to drift your car
  • Several game modes to choose from
  • Learn sophisticated moves
  • Earn bonuses and unlock new cars and customizations
  • Scoring systems based on real-world competition rules
  • Race on iconic circuits
  • Free to download with in-app purchases available

In-app purchases range from $1.99 to $19.99, but you can deactivate these in your mobile device settings app, especially if someone else is using your device to play the game.

How to Download FR Legends:

FR Legends is a fantastic driving app and is simple to download:

iOS Game Download Link

Android APK Downloader

Simply tap a link above, then tap the Install or Download button and enjoy!

FR Legends is unique among all the racing apps, and there are a lot of them. No other app lets you drive front-engine, rear-wheel drive cars, customize them, and participate in drifting races. It’s not just about the drifting, though; the app also places a lot of focus on the cars and the customizations, immersing you deeply in car culture. If you want a driving game with a difference, download FR Legends today and enjoy hours of fun. You won’t find another app like it, and you can play it completely free.

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