OnlyFans is one of the top-rated websites allowing content creators to share pictures, videos, and other uncensored content with their fans.onlyfans

OnlyFans is a content subscription service; where users can provide visitors with premium content at premium prices.

What is OnlyFans?

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Released in 2016 by a London-based tech investor and entrepreneur called Timothy Stokely, OnlyFans was initially designed for users to share adult content and make money from their work. However, it is now popular in many other fields, such as cooking, modeling, fitness, and more. Users are able to create paywalls to lock their content behind, ensuring it can only be accessed by those who pay to see it. There are few restrictions on what can be posted, and with over a million creators and more than half a million registered users, it has become one of the fastest-growing apps of its kind.

OnlyFans Features:

Before we talk about how to download and use OnlyFans on your iPhone or iPad, let’s look at some of the features it offers:

  • Subscriptions: creators can upload videos on a subscription basis, with fans paying a monthly fee to see premium content from their favorite creators. This includes photos, videos, live streams, and more. Creators are free to set how much the subscriptions should cost and offer tiers of paid access – how much you pay dictates what you can see.
  • Messaging: a messaging feature is available, allowing creators and their fans to communicate and interact with one another. This provides content creators with a way of connecting with people and building up a community.
  • Tips: OnlyFans provides fans with a way of showing their appreciation for work by leaving a tip – a one-off payment. Content creators may set their own options and decide what content their fans can pay tips on. This allows creators to make some additional income and fans to show their favorites how much they support them.
  • Customization: Creators are allowed to customize their content and personal profile to reflect their brand and style. They can add profile images, add links to their other social media sites, write a bio, and create categories and tags to help keep their content in order and help fans find their work.
  • Privacy: privacy features are included to protect the fans and creators. Creators determine what content should be private and what their subscribers can see, and fans have control over who can message them and who sees their OnlyFans activity.

These are just some of the features OnlyFans provides creators and fans.

How to Download OnlyFans:

Download Here

Downloading OnlyFans onto your iPhone or iPad couldn’t be easier:

  1. Launch Safari on your device and click the download button above.
  2. At the bottom of the screen is a Share button – a square with an upwards arrow ( as shown in the image below ); tap on this up arrow ios
  3. Tap on Add to Home Screen onlyfans iphone app
  4. The OnlyFans app is now available on your iPhone onlyfans app iphone

If you have an Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Google Chrome and go to
  2. At the top of the screen, you should see three vertical dots or an Options icon; tap on this
  3. Tap on Add to Home Screen.

How to Use OnlyFans:

If you have already signed up to OnlyFans, simply type in your email or phone number and password and tap Log In. If you are new to OnlyFans, tap on Sign Up and follow the on-screen directions to create a new account.

Whether you want to upload your own videos or watch others, OnlyFans offers you a huge choice of features to do both. Download OnlyFans onto your device today and join in the fun.

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