Do you like listening to music on your iPhone or iPad? Radio apps are great but, more often than not, the music isn’t to your taste. What about trying the SoundCloud app?


What is SoundCloud?

It is one of the world’s top apps for music streaming, offering millions of tracks to choose from. You can build your own playlists and listen to whatever music you want when you want. The app will even make recommendations based on your listening habits, enabling you to discover artists you may never have heard of before.


The free app is limited and is ad-supported. If you want more, you need a subscription, but Sound Cloud offers you a choice of two. Sound Cloud Go will set you back $4.99 per month, while SoundCloud Go+ is $9.99 per month. But you do get a decent 30-day free trial to see what you can get for your money.

SoundCloud App Features:

SoundCloud offers a ton of cool features for all users, free or subscription:

  • More than 120 million tracks to choose from
  • Established and emerging artists
  • Recommendations based on your listening choices
  • Plenty of genres to choose from
  • Connect with your friends in-app
  • Interact directly with artists
  • Create your own playlists

And if you choose to sign up for a subscription, you get more:

  • An ad-free listening experience
  • Offline mode
  • Support the artists – a percentage of collected revenue goes to the creators.
  • More than 200 million artists ( SoundCloud Go Plus )
  • No more 30-second previews ( Go Plus )

How to Download Sound Cloud:

If you want to try SoundCloud on your iPhone or iPad, there are two very simple ways to do it. The first is to open the app store on your device, find and download SoundCloud and the second is to click the link below – this takes you straight to the app in-store:

iOS App Download Link

Android APK Download

Then go ahead and download SoundCloud onto your device. Don’t’ forget you get a 30-day trial on the premium apps too – one of the most generous free trials in any music streaming app!

Don’t forget to tell us how you get on with SoundCloud – does it meet your expectations? For more iOS app recommendations and tips, you can follow us on Facebook.

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