If you are looking for a music app you can take anywhere, try Spotify.spotify icon

With one of the largest ranges of podcasts and music, Spotify is a world leader, offering everything a user could possibly want.

What is Spotify?

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Spotify is one of the largest music apps in the world and has been going since 2008. It didn’t take long for it to become a world-leading app, with a choice of free and premium options. It doesn’t just offer music; it also offers a huge range of podcasts covering every subject you could possibly think of it, videos, and a lot of original music not found in any other apps. Spotify is not just a  mobile app; it also works on desktops and even some smart TVs.

Spotify Features:

Spotify offers users tons of features, both on the free and premium options:

  • Millions of album tracks and videos
  • Listen to your favorite tracks or find some new material
  • Built-in search facility to help you find your music easier
  • Great sound – premium subscribers get even better sound quality
  • Premium subscribers can download tracks and listen offline
  • Make your own playlists
  • Try the daily mixes Spotify offers you
  • Choose different genres, or choose your music based on year, country, and more
  • Go Karaoke-style with on-screen lyrics
  • Love the music from a Movie or Netflix show? Find it on Spotify
  • Built-in radio stations
  • Subscribe to listen to your favorite podcasts and create playlists of your favorite ones
  • Share music and podcast playlists with others
  • More than 40 music categories
  • Free version is ad-supported; subscribe to Premium to remove these
  • Free version offers 6 track skips every hour – subscribe to Premium for unlimited
  • Sign up to Spotify with Facebook or Email
  • Premium subscriptions offer on-demand playback
  • Plenty more features

Subscription Options:

There are four paid subscriptions to choose from:

  • Premium: $9.99 per month
  • Duo: $12.99
  • Family: $15.99
  • Student: $4.99

How to Download Spotify:

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Downloading and Using Spotify couldn’t be easier:

  1. First, open your mobile or desktop browser
  2. Click on the download buttons above and install the app on your phone.
  3. Tap the Spotify app icon to open it, sign in and start listening to your favorite music

Like Amazon, Netflix, and other similar sites, the recommendation engine in Spotify will recommend music and podcasts based on your listening habits; the more you listen, the better it gets, and you get to discover new artists and broaden your musical horizons.

Spotify is the world’s number one music app for a reason – it offers more than any other and even the free account is packed with cool music and podcasts. Try it today and take your music with you wherever you go.

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