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If you love battle games but find them too demanding, try StickWar: Legacy.stick war legacy icon

StickWar: Legacy is a top-rated stick figure game that allows you to build an army and play one of the most addictive games ever to be released.

What is StickWar: Legacy?

stick war legacy game

Originally a web game, StickWar: Legacy was released by Max Games Studio for mobile in 2021, and is a combination of war game and strategy. Based in Inamorta, you are surrounded by nations all battling to be the most dominant. Each nation fights and defends itself in a unique way. You lead the Order nation and your method is knowledge and peace; where the other nations see their weapons as their god, your nation does not. This makes you the perfect target and it’s up to you to defend your nation while acquiring knowledge and technology from the others.

StickWar Game Features:

StickWar: Legacy is a classic strategy game that offers tons of features to help you play:

  • Popular web game now available for mobile
  • Challenging gaming with a lot of fun and highly addictive
  • Control your army – play them in formations or as individual units
  • Build your army units and mine for gold
  • Learn how to use the Spear, Mage, Archer, Giant, and Spear
  • Find and destroy each enemy statue
  • Capture the nations and become the most dominant
  • New Missions Mode – new levels added weekly, making the game even more challenging
  • Saga-style map offers plenty of rewards
  • Three difficulty levels – Normal, Hard, and Insane; unlock the crown for each one
  • Plenty of new games included, such as Triple Barricaded Gold, Forward Statue, Win Before Sunset, and Deathmatch, and battles against Mini Bosses, among many others
  • Better unit formations
  • New animations
  • Classic Campaign with an added 6 bonus levels
  • Endless Deads; play Zombie Survival mode
  • Tournament: play against AI challengers and beat them all to win the Crown of Imamorta
  • Lots of new skins for every character
  • Powerful armor and weapons to be unlocked
  • Plenty more cool features
  • Free

StickWar: Legacy is completely free to download and play but is ad-supported and contains in-app purchases which offer the option to disable the ads, offer starter packs, gems, gold, and more.

How To Download StickWar:

StickWar: Legacy is easy to start playing:

iOS Game Download Link

Android APK Downloader

Simply open your app store and find StickWar: Legacy or click on one of the above links to open the app page. Once there, download the app and install it; tap the icon on your home screen and immerse yourself in one of the most addictive strategy games ever to be released.

StickWar: Legacy is a fun, addictive game that will provide you with hours of entertainment. There’s no need to make any in-app purchases if you don’t want to; simply install and enjoy. Join the growing army of players worldwide by installing tick War: Legacy today.

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