Truecaller is a leading caller ID app that also identifies spam calls and texts and blocks them.Truecaller

Truecaller is a free app, now used by over 300 million people worldwide, making calling and texting much safer and eliminating billions of unwanted spam and robocalls.

What is Truecaller?

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Developed in Stockholm in 2009, Truecaller offers users an easy way to identify and block spam calls and texts. It uses a color-coded system to categorize incoming calls and texts into four separate categories:

  • Blue – identified by Truecaller as genuine
  • Red – identified by Truecaller as spam
  • Green – identified by Truecaller as a verified business call
  • Purple – identified by Truecaller as a verified business calling on a time-sensitive matter, such as a delivery

When a call or text is received, it will come through in one of the above colors, allowing users to determine whether they want to answer it. The free app is ad-supported. However, a paid subscription is available to remove them.

Truecaller isn’t just a spam blocker; it also allows you to look up names and other information about a number that has called you.

Truecaller Features:

Truecaller offers users plenty of features that make it a helpful app for anyone:

  • Truecaller Assistant – US ONLY – an AI-powered assistant that answers your calls for you. Trained using machine learning and speech-to-text, the assistant asks the caller questions, determining who they are and why they are calling. That information is filtered, and the assistant is more than 90% accurate in determining whether it is spam.
  • Automatic spam detection – spam texts and calls are identified automatically and blocked, also reducing the risk of fraudulent calls. This feature must be enabled in your Settings app.
  • Find names and other information about numbers that called or texted your phone.
  • Free app but ad-supported
  • Option to upgrade to Premium for just $1.99 per month, allowing you to enjoy an ad-free experience and see who has looked at your profile.

One thing to note is that although people can see your Truecaller profile, your phonebook will never be made public and cannot be searched by anyone other than you.

How to Download Truecaller

If you want Truecaller on your device, click one of the links below and tap the Install or Download button:

iOS App Download Link

Android APK Download

If you are fed up with receiving tons of spam and robocalls and want to regain control over who you talk to, download Truecaller onto your device today. It’s the only surefire way to block the calls you don’t want to receive and let through the ones you do.

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